Questions & Answers

Q I’m thinking of having tree work done, what do I need to do?

A Contact Summerland Tree Service by phone or e-mail. We’ll need your name, address, phone number and nature of work. We’ll set up an appointment for a FREE written Estimate, no obligation, and you can take it from there.

Q Can you get rid of a stump in my yard?

A Yes, we grind stumps 400mm below grade then level them off with wood chips.

Q Can I plant something else where my stump had been?

A Yes. Have your gardener remove the wood chips & replace with loam. You can plant grass, flowers etc. afterwards.

Q Is this the best way to remove a stump?

A Yes. Unless you’re putting in a built in pool or a new addition, grinding disturbs less soil and keeps surrounding ground intact.

Q Do you clean up the branches and trees you cut?

A Yes. Unless you make prior arrangement to keep the wood for a fireplace, we clean up all the branches, wood and debris left over from cutting you tree.

Q How can I get mulch?

A We sell our pure product wood mulch wholesale & retail and can deliver it to your location.

Q Are you insured?

A Yes. We carry full vehicle, general liability and worker’s compensation insurance up to $5 million dollars.

Q How can I get proof of insurance?

A Contact our office and a certificate will be sent to you

Q What other certification do you have?

A Our personnel hold OSHA cards, chain saw certifications, CPR training, defensive driver certificates, and numerous other safety training certificates.



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